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Time to Talk about Your Emotional Well-Being!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

On this website, we have talked about ways to manage your child's behavior. We have provided resources for schedules, routines, and activities to help your child continue to learn and stay intellectually and physically busy. What we have not talked about mental health...yours or your child's! Let's start today by talking about how to increase your emotional well-being! We are hearing from parents, as would be expected, that this is a VERY difficult time to remain calm and healthy while managing a thousand things at one time! A simple google search reveals pages and pages of advice for you, but a majority seem to ADD wonderful things for you to do play with your child, put away your phone, cook with your child, do activities with your child, and talk to your child! ALL great ideas, but how do you take care of yourself? Remember that you have to put on your oxygen mask first! Even in this mess, you have to make time for yourself! Here are some ideas that might help.

Practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the process of learning to be in the moment. Draw your attention to what is happening right now without judgement. Learn to breathe! Find videos or audios and relax. Live in the moment. Make time!

Take a few minutes for yourself. Think about how you take a few minutes for yourself under normal circumstances. Now be creative! Does someone else spend time with your child so that you can take a breath? Is that something that could be done remotely? If your child is old enough, could a grandparent or friend engage in one of our activities with your child(ren) online? Maybe they could take a virtual tour or play a game?

Have a virtual cup of coffee with a friend. I've found that it helps to engage socially online with friends. Find a friend or friends and have a cup of coffee (or whatever beverage you prefer!) virtually. No time? Make time. Conversation will really help!

Allow your child more screen time! I know, I know, we all told you not to let your child have so much screen time! Those days are on pause for the moment. Everything that we all do is screen time these days!

Exercise. What did you do before? Walk on the treadmill or ride a bike at the gym? Is someone available to be with your child? If so, take a walk or ride your bike outside. Remember social distancing always! If no one is available to be with your child now, take them with you! Play the quiet game while you are exercising!

Don't be too hard on yourself! No one is perfect. These are unique times. Try your best and forgive your shortcomings. Children are resilient. If you need help reach out for it. There is no shame in asking for emotional support during these times.

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